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Sunny Beach is located in the east of Bulgaria on the Black Sea Coast. The Black Sea coast has two large cities, Varna (3rd largest) located on the north, and Burgas (4th largest) on the South. Sunny Beach is located between the two, approx 30 minutes from Burgas by car and 80 minutes from Varna. In summer the climate is warm.The average temperature is a warm 24 C but see breeze keep it cool.
The majority of flights (approx 3 hours) from the UK land at Burgas airport. Flights are possible to Varna, although it is a lot easier to reach Sunny Beach from Burgas. Most direct flights from the UK to Burgas start in May and finish mid October.                                                         

The area between the road and beach is primarily populated with Hotels, shops and restaurants, while many of the apartments are located on the areas inland beyond the road.


*If it is your first time in Bulgaria, it is good for you to know something about general customs in the country e.g.nodding your head means no, and shaking it from left to right means yes.

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Phone operators

 *If you use mobile phone to call the UK from Bulgaria then the person in the UK will also be charged.

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Be careful

Like most tourist attractions/resorts there are unfortunitly pick pockets. Be very careful how you keep your money and handbag.

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Banks & Money

The Bulgarian official currency is the Leva and the Stotinki ( approximately 2.3 Leva to the UK pound).

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Taxi rates

Before you get a taxi ask for the price of the destination you are going to. Prices for some destinations that may help you:

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